Sales Associate Position

PLANTA is hiring!

We're looking for an experienced, knowledgeable and energetic sales associate for our Highland Park location. Please e-mail tour resume and cv to


Wage: $16/hour
Hours: 25 hours a week to start.
Plant Knowledge: Expert.
Drivers License: Required.
Retail Sales Experience: Required.
Monday: Half Day 9-1
Thursday: Full Day 9-6 
Friday: Half Day 9-1
Saturday: Half Day 9-1
Sunday: Half Day 9-1PM


Morning Shop Prep
Sweeping/Blowing Interior and exterior.
Cleaning of windows and surfaces.
Hosing down walkways.
Watering Plants.
Flipping Open Sign & Unlocking.


Throughout The Day
Organizing pots and plants.
Pruning of plants.
Cleaning of pots as needed.
Labeling and stocking pots and plants.
Treating plants (fertilizing/insects/disease).
Sweeping and cleaning as needed.
Answering Phone.


    Interacting with customers.
    Answering customer questions.
    Selling products to customers.
    Check out for customers.
    Loading of customers cars.
    Plant and pot deliveries.